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Augmented Reality

Science -» Augmented Reality

Sites about Augmented Reality - a way to enhance the eyes and other senses with a new dimension power by computers. Create a new layer in reality.

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Augmented Reality - Denmark

Augmented Reality - Denmark

Danish site that collects relevant news about Augmented Reality - find apps, devices, movies, examples on usage and much more.
We try to find the best ressources on the net and share them with our audience.

Every member can vote on the submitted stories and the most popular will be shown on the front page of
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Augmented Reality - a personal view on AR

Augmented Reality - a personal view on AR

A personal site where I post interesting stuff about AR (Augmented Reality) - most know this as Virtual Reality, but it is actual a lot more.

Combine the Real-life with visual effects and create a whole new world to discover.
Let the computer do the work and let your eyes or other senses be touched in new ways.
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